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Data-driven solutions for the hardest problems.

We turn your ideas into reality.

We are a boutique data science consulting firm providing end-to-end support throughout a product’s lifecycle, from quick exploratory prototypes to production-level algorithms for firmware and the cloud.

Innovative solutions at every level.

We bring decades of experience in delivering elegent solutions to complex, ambiguous problems. Our partners range from Fortune 500 companies to early-stage startups.

Solving problems through

We love breaking down problems and turning them into elegant solutions. Here are a few of our favorite examples.

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MLOPS Pipelines

We developed a highly optimized, scalable machine learning pipeline for analyzing running sensor data.

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Edge Algorithm Development

We developed algorithms for precise dosing of inhaled substances for a medical startup.

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ML and AI

We built a temporal, residual, fully convolutional neural network for high frequency sensor analysis.

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Algorithm R&D & Prototyping

We built and deployed algorithms for a wearable device that predicts a user's intended movement.

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Cloud Algorithm Development

We prototyped a lab information management system for machine-learning-in-the-loop analysis in a wet lab.

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ML and AI

We wrote algorithms for augmenting human movement for an FDA 510k-cleared medical device.

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Algorithm R&D & Prototyping

We built compression pipelines enabling high quality data streaming in low power embedded devices.

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Data Science and Statistics

We created a statistical simulator to model a lab experiment in biochemisry unlocking new insights into process controls.

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Algorithm R&D & Prototyping

We created a Python simulation of a C environment for rapid and confident deployment of algorithms to an MCU.

The Edge Process

Each Edge consultant is ...

  1. A problem solver by nature.
  2. A deeply passionate individual with a diverse set of hobbies.
  3. The team player that you always wished you had.
  4. A lifelong learner that has a bias towards potential versus experience.
  5. An expert at methodically breaking down problems.

As a team, we ...

  1. Entered consulting from a broad range of academic backgrounds.
  2. Recognize our superpower is the diversity of our experiences.
  3. View each other’s work with constructive eyes.
  4. Rely on feedback cycles for continual growth.
  5. Empower one another to better ourselves.
  6. Always hold each other accountable.

Our clients ...

  1. Are a part of the Edge community.
  2. Build lasting relationships with us.
  3. Work with us on projects that make a positive impact.
  4. Reflect the Edge Team and Edge Persona values.

We tackle the hardest problems by ...

  1. Performing a detailed literature review for each new project.
  2. Methodically gathering empirical information.
  3. Quickly going 80:20 on every problem to uncover friction points.
  4. Reducing the amount of time it takes to iterate.
  5. Writing clean, maintainable, and optimized code.
  6. Building strong IO pipelines for interchangeable explorations.
  7. Optimizing solutions using state-of-the-art modeling techniques.
  8. Collaborating with our clients to continually create wonderful solutions.
  9. Learning and growing with every new project and client.

We bring the experience

At Edge Analytics, we bring a team of diverse backgrounds. Our PhD-level engineers bring decades of knowledge and experience.







Meet the Team

Meet our

Alex Browne Teammember
Alex Browne
Andrew Mark Teammember
Andrew Mark, MS
Brinnae Bent Teammember
Brinnae Bent, PhD
Carmen Lai Teammember
Carmen Lai
Chris Teammember
Chris Green
Carmen Lai Teammember
Colin Arrowsmith
Connor Davis
Connor Davis, MS
Daniel Hensley Teammember
Daniel Hensley, PhD
Joshua Teammember
Joshua D'Arcy
MD, MEng
Lina Colucci Teammember
Lina Colucci, PhD
Ren Gibbons Teammember
Ren Gibbons, MS
Sidney Primas Teammember
Sidney Primas, MS
Sidney Primas Teammember
Vasiliy Nerozin, MS
Sidney Primas Teammember
Will Fitzgerald

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What others are saying about us

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Edge Analytics has full-stack expertise. They not only helped improve our predictive ML algorithms, but also think through the full design and business considerations of our product.

Jason S.
CEO at Saiva

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The team is a true Tiger team composed of the smartest people I’ve met. If you need help solving a problem in data science, ML or algorithms, they’re your solution.

Fabien L.
Firmware Engineer at Cionic

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Edge does amazing work! If you need embed machine learning expertise this is the team to work with.

Adam T.
Fellow at Nike

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[They] have a deep clinical and ML knowledge that are an amazing asset...great clarity in thought that is super useful on both the Product and Engineering side!

Jake R.
CTO at Saiva

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Lina Colucci and her team at Edge Analytics work on some of the coolest tech out there.

Chao H.
Partner at Swenson He

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Awesome team to work with! Can’t recommend them enough.

Jocelyn M.
Staff Engineer at Cionic

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This is a dynamite team!!! Hire them to solve your hard data problems if you can!!

Nate F.
CTO at Ribbon

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